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TUFF 16 Title


Length;  16' 10"

Beam;     63"

Max hp;   90hp

The newest TUFF of the family is intended to fit in two areas, first is the entry level 40hp market with an extremely safe, fast and efficient little boat for the 12 to 16 yr old driver with that classic TUFF styling.  The TUFF 16 can be powered-up to become an extremely efficient little hot rod.  With options like the big brothers, it joins the family perfectly.

Safety; For those who like their boat in one piece, this un-sinkable little boat is the safest. Deep seating and a very low centre of gravity keeps everyone in there place.


-Vacuum bagged cored bottom and deck

-Premium  "ISO" polyester resin

-Standard colour options

-Front bucket seating

-Rear bench seating

-Pull-up cleats


-Value to Premium options available

- Sport hatch

-Optional colour gel and striping

-Wind deflectors


-Tonneau cover

-Full cover

-Performance stereo package

All specifications are subject to change without notice.